The Digital Villainy Summit recognizes that there is no universal consensus on what proper consent practices are or should be. That said, this consent policy represents how DVS staff expects attendees to conduct themselves in their interactions and may be used to help determine whether an actionable consent incident has occurred.

DVS is an online streaming convention with its origins in kink communities, and which includes programming that specifically discusses kink and erotica. Therefore, DVS values informed, affirmative consent as the gold standard for consensual activity. Attendees should be courteous and considerate when interacting with others, whether in the DVS Picarto chat, the DVS Discord server, or in interactive virtual spaces related to DVS such as a VRChat or SecondLife server.


    Please respect the personal boundaries of staff, panelists and other attendees and refrain from flirting/catcalling/making sexually implicit or explicit comments or propositions to others. In virtual spaces such as VRChat, please refrain from touching or otherwise invading the personal space of other avatars without their explicit permission. If a specific party has made it clear that they are receptive to your comments, move your interaction to a private method of communication, such as direct messages, to prevent the disruption of public spaces.

    While we permit and encourage character-building and roleplay as a component of the cape kink scene DVS grew out of, please refrain from sexual roleplay in public convention spaces. Again, we will request you move any erotic roleplay interactions to a private method of communication, such as direct messages, to prevent the disruption of public spaces.

    The DVS Discord server will include a set of channels marked "nsfw" in their channel titles for the sharing and discussing of explicit content. Please do not post sexually explicit content such as photos, illustrations, 3D renders, animations or live-action videos outside of these "nsfw"-labeled channels. This also extends to audio files such as hypnosis inductions, as well as VR avatars with explicit genitalia.

    Please respect the boundaries of others when inside designated erotic content spaces; if someone posts a nude selfie in #nsfw-selfies, for example, other attendees do NOT have open license to hit on them, engage in erotic roleplay with them, criticize their appearance, or save their selfie to distribute elsewhere. If the poster indicates they are receptive to explicit sexual comments or proposals, please relegate them to a private method of communication, such as direct messages.

    Whether discussing erotic content or negotiating potential sexual interactions, it's crucial that attendees vocalize what they are and aren't looking to talk about. Phrases like "I'm really interested in ___", "Can I talk about ___?", or "I personally don't like ___" aren't just solid ways to establish personal boundaries, they can also serve as good conversation inroads. If an attendee has an issue with a topic other people in the server are discussing, they can request the discussion be moved to a private conversation; however, DVS attracts a wide range of attendees with a plethora of different interests, so a general "live and let live" mentality is encouraged except in egregious cases.
  6. HARD NO's:

    DVS will not permit ANY discussion or posted content pertaining to pedophilia, bestiality or sexual assault. This is a zero tolerance policy-- no exceptions, no excuses.

A consent incident is any situation in which someone feels that something significant happened to them without their consent. A consent incident can happen during play or in general interactions. It is the Digital Villainy Summit's policy to take all reasonable measures to support anyone involved in a consent incident and to resolve the incident as fairly, discreetly, and efficiently as possible.

If you feel like you or someone you know has been involved in a consent violation during DVS, please contact a moderator through a private method of communication such as the Discord server's ModMail or send an email to mods@d-v-s.online. The DVS Moderation Staff will then gather more information on the incident from all associated parties and take appropriate measures. Violators may face a temporary or permanent ban in DVS Picarto chat channels, a temporary or permanent ban from DVS Discord server participation, and in severe cases a ban from all future DVS events.

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